Your First Antenatal Visit

What to expect and how you can prepare yourself for your first antenatal visit.

Your first antenatal visit will involve the following:

Blood Test

A blood sample will be taken to determine your blood group including rhesus factor and will also be checked for venereal disease, rubella, antibodies and anaemia.

Urine Test

You will be asked for a urine sample to monitor the presence of sugar, protein, ketones and urinary tract infection. For best results, take a sample with you, collected midstream during your first visit to the bathroom that morning.


Your health professional will weigh you to record your original weight.

Blood Pressure

Normal blood pressure is 120/80. Your pressure will be taken to see that it falls within acceptable limits. Significant increases may indicate the condition known as pre-eclampsia.

Internal Examination

Your health professional will carry out an internal examination by inserting two fingers into your vagina and pressing your abdomen to palpate your uterus. A speculum may be used to inspect your cervix and take a cervical smear sample.

Breast Examination

This will be carried out to identify any problems including inverted nipples.

Family Medical History

You will be asked questions about both your families’ medical history. Be sure you have the relevant information.

This may be your first opportunity to discuss ongoing antenatal care with your health professional. Have in mind questions you may wish to ask including options or advice regarding where to give birth in your area.

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