What to Pack

Our tried and tested tips on what to pack for labour and birth

Labour bag

  • birth plan
  • fresh facecloths and towels for compresses
  • small sponge
  • cooling and refreshing facial mist spray
  • aromatherapy massage oil
  • lip balm
  • supply of ice cubes
  • books, magazines, card games, radio or walkman
  • energy snacks and drinks for you and your partner
  • tissues
  • icecubes
  • fresh facecloths
  • your choice of Australian Bush Flower
  • emergency Essence
  • your choice of Bach Flower Remedy
  • candles
  • your choice of relaxing music
  • coins/phone cards and numbers for your partner to call – most wards ban mobile phones
  • a symbolic photograph or picture of your choice
  • large hand mirror if you want to see your baby actually being born
  • camera or video camera (check with hospital about recording the birth)

Personal bag

  • 2 cotton night dresses or t-shirts in which to give birth
  • slippers
  • warm socks as your body temperature may fluctuate during and after labour
  • cosy dressing gown
  • hairbrush
  • toiletries/make-up bag
  • soft towel
  • 2 -3 nursing bras
  • breast pads
  • 6 pairs disposable cotton or paper pants
  • at least two packs of large maternity sanitary pads (buy more for home too – you will need them)
  • earplugs
  • day clothes

Baby’s bag

  • 2-4 stretch suits
  • 2-4 singlets
  • 4 pairs of socks/booties
  • 4 cardigans
  • 1 cellular blanket
  • scratch mittens
  • disposable nappies
  • cotton wool
  • clothes to take the baby home – shawl or all in one
  • correctly fitted car seat
  • Boab Bush Flower Essences

Father’s labour bag

  • layers of clothing as temperature can change
  • bathroom items to freshen up including a toothbrush and toothpaste, facecloth, deodorant.
  • plenty of snacks as it is unlikely that you will be catered for and you may spend hours waiting.
  • money for parking or to buy something for you or your partner to drink or eat
  • small change for phone calls as most hospitals do not allow mobile phones
  • a book or magazine to read
  • a diary to record the birth
  • a camera or camcorder to record the birth (check hospital or birthing centre policy first to avoid disappointment)
  • games to occupy you both during idle periods
  • a list of prioritised phone numbers of friends and relatives
  • Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence
  • copy of the birthplan

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