What is a Trimester?

Do you know what to expect from each of the three trimesters? Here is an overview of each with the common signs of pregnancy trimesters one, two and three.

Weeks one to 12: Pregnancy Trimester One

The first and most prominent pregnancy symptom is a missed menstrual cycle. You may see pinkish or brownish discharge that varies in colour and lightness. Other pregnancy symptoms include nausea, frequent urination, darker areolas, fatigue, heartburn, headache, mood swings and constipation.

Weeks 13 to 26: Pregnancy Trimester Two

As you progress through the second trimester, you will experience frequent kicking movements from the growing foetus. You will also gain weight, your breasts will grow and there may be discharge from your nipples. You may also sweat more than usual and notice dark lines develop on your skin between the navel and pubic area. The skin on your stomach will begin to stretch at this time.

Weeks 27 to 40: Pregnancy Trimester Three

The last 13 weeks of pregnancy involve having the body change to prepare for labour. The child will also grow large enough to be seen more clearly during the CAT scan. You will see your navel pushing out and will experience backaches. There will be some changes in how you walk to accommodate the weight of your child.


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