Week 5 of Pregnancy


The baby is now floating in the amniotic fluid attached by a string of blood vessels that eventually forms the umbilical cord. Through this cord, your body provides nutrients and oxygen to the baby and in return receives wastes products.

The embryo measures 2-4mm and would now be visible to the naked eye. At this stage a rudimentary brain and spine is beginning form.

Your first signs of pregnancy may include slightly enlarged and tender breasts, a heightened sense of smell and a strange, metallic taste. A need to pass more urine is likely, due to a combination of increased blood flow to the kidneys producing more urine, your enlarged womb pressing on your bladder, as well as the hormones relaxing the bladder itself.

It is common to catch cold now as your immune system is slowing down to ensure that you do not reject the baby nestling inside you.


You will start feeling incredibly tired. The best source of energy to overcome fatigue is starchy foods including cereals, rice, wholemeal pasta and grains.

Regular meals will help to ensure a regular supply of nutrients for you and your baby.

Re-educate yourself with exercise tips for a safe pregnancy

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Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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