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Week 38 of Pregnancy


A boy baby’s testicles will drop to form the scrotum. Often the genitals of both sexes seem disproportionately large and swollen at birth in response to the withdrawal of maternal oestrogen levels. The breasts of both are distinct and may leak milk. Some girl babies have a menstrual-like discharge. These are all normal occurrences that will subside in the coming weeks.

Space is tight so movements will be restricted to jabs from the feet, hands and knees. You may feel a strange buzzing sensation inside your vagina as the baby’s head moves against your pelvic floor muscles.

High blood pressure is a serious risk at this late stage of pregnancy. If untreated it can result in pre-eclampsia which interferes with the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your baby. If this occurs you will be hospitalised for closer monitoring.

Any time now you could have a “show”. This is when the mucus plug that has sealed the womb and protected your baby from infections, comes away. This happens when the cervix begins to open slightly in anticipation of labour. The mucus may be blood-stained. For some women, this may only happen when they are actually in labour.


Essence Wild Potato Bush will help overcome frustrations of feeling physically restricted and cumbersome.

A dose of anti-oxidant vitamins, in particular vitamins C and E may reduce the risk of developing the dangerous condition of pre-eclampsia.

Have you decided who you wish to have present at the labour? It could be any day now.

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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