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Week 36 of Pregnancy


Your baby will be gaining about 14gms of insulating fat daily to help cope with the lower temperature outside your body after birth.

Most of the down or lanugo on its body will have disappeared.

Your baby is now ready and waiting. At any time the presenting part may drop down into your pelvis, and become “engaged” resting on the cervix, ready for birth. As this happens, your breathing will become easier as your lungs are less restricted.


Another reminder to pack your bags. Have you got your favourite aromatherapy oils? Your birthplan? Music? Your icecubes prepared?

You may feel too large or too tired to eat. Keep your energy up by snacking regularly on fresh fruit, wholemeal muffins or a hearty bowl of soup.

Porridge at any time of day makes a comforting and and wholesome meal. Try cooking the oats with rice milk and add chopped ginger, nuts, dried fruit and honey to sweeten. Delicious!

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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