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Week 32 of Pregnancy


Your baby’s lungs will now have most of the airways and airsacs ready for breathing after birth. You may be aware of small twinges as your baby practises breathing inside the womb. This is the amniotic fluid passing in and out of the baby’s windpipe.

If your baby was born now, it would still need to be in an incubator as the fat reserves beneath its skin would be insufficient to maintain its body temperature. Perfectly formed, it may now measure between 30-40cm in length.

Sleeping may be difficult for you, as the moment you stop to rest, the baby wakes. This is because when you are up and about, the natural rocking movement of your pelvis calms the baby and sends it to sleep.


Make sure you are organised in case you go into premature labour and need leave quickly for the hospital or birthing centre. Bags should be packed containing essential items for you, your partner and the baby. If you are planning a homebirth, have everything ready and easily accessible. For great tips on what to include, consult click here

Buy some pure essential oil of jasmine. It is the best essential oil for preparing the uterine muscles for labour. Use one drop in a bath, or blend with a sweet almond or grapeseed base oil for abdominal massage.

If you are having trouble sleeping, a drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow will help you drift off to sleep. Milk or soya drinks and turkey sandwiches are also sleep inducing as they contain a particular amino acid. An abdominal massage will also help by soothing the baby to sleep.

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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