Week 29 of Pregnancy


The last trimester is a crucial time for your baby’s brain development. As brain-mass increases, the tissue folds into its characteristic walnut-like appearance.

By now, your baby’s head is almost in proportion with its body and may be covered in hair.

Your own organs may feel over-crowded by the growing baby and there will be pressure on your diaphragm, liver, stomach, intestines and bladder. In short, your body may feel immense.


If you plan to use natural birthing methods, make sure the facilities are available and booked.

Treat yourself to a massage or persuade your partner to pamper you. Prepare a blend of neroli or mandarin essential oil.

In the coming weeks, your breast size may increase up to a third in size. Invest in one last good supportive bra.

You will probably be feeling tired again in this trimester so prepare some iron-rich foods including crunchy broccoli, parsley, fish, pulses and red meat. Because your baby’s growth continues, a high protein intake is essential. A bag of dried fruit and nuts at hand will help combat lethargy.

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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