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Week 27 of Pregnancy


The baby is developing its own immunity to infection via the antibodies that cross the placenta. Breastfeeding will boost these levels and supply other essential nutrients.

Your baby’s senses are awakening. Its eyes are open and it can see and focus although vision is limited until a few weeks after the birth. Your baby can even tell which way up it is inside you.

Your weight gain will be regular from now until around week 36 and your practice contractions are probably more recognisable from here on.


Play your baby music and sing or chatter to it throughout the day.

Fancy a snack? Indulge yourself with a sweet treat. Dried fruits, wholemeal muffins or licorice can satisfy a sugar craving. For more inspiration click here

How much do you know about breastfeeding? Is breast or bottle best? For more information click here

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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