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Week 22 of Pregnancy


At this stage, the baby may be settling into a regular pattern of activity and sleep that may be opposite to yours. This pattern remains for the first few months of life.
 Your vagina may be more sensitive and moist than usual due to the increase of hormones.


A straw-coloured liquid called colostrum may leak from your nipples from as early as the middle trimester. This is the first type of milk your breasts produce for your baby. It is rich in nutrients and very high in antibodies. Placing breastpads in your bra may help you through what could be an embarrassing moment.

Spend five minutes each day squatting. This position is highly recommended by English childbirth educator Janet Balaskas who developed the concept of Active Birth. This simple exercise will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labour. (Caution is needed if you suffer from sciatica, haemorrhoids or varicose veins).

In preparing the nursery, check for possible hazards. When buying or borrowing larger items for your baby, check that they meet approved safety standards. For more information on home safety for your baby click here

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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