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Week 19 of Pregnancy


The baby’s dental development continues as the buds for permanent teeth are already forming behind its milk teeth.

The baby can suck its thumb and now has a wide range of movements and co-ordination. Inside your womb, your baby is twisting and swimming about in the amniotic fluid and is able to change position as it wishes.

By now, your energy levels may be rising. Paralleling this, you may be gaining extra weight on your buttocks and well as your abdomen to cushion and support you.


Have you felt your first flutter? Some women feel “quickening” as early as 16 weeks though it is more commonly felt around 20 weeks. Many women describe this first sensation as a magical moment. For many expectant dads, feeling the foetus move can be both an exciting and bizarre moment. It is the first communication with the unborn child and is also confirmation of life inside the womb, which until this moment, has remained very much a female experience. A developing foetus can hear voices and sounds and is likely to recognise the voices of its parents. Indulge in some shared womb communication.

The Australian Bush Flower Essence Red Helmet Orchid encourages a father-baby bonding during pregnancy.

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern

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