Week 17 of Pregnancy


Your baby now weighs more than the placenta and is covered in swirls of soft down-like hair covering the body called lanugo. Most of this hair falls off before birth.

Your baby is likely to be aware of loud sounds that it hears outside the body and may respond with sudden movements.

You may find you are sweating more than usual due to the extra blood in your system.


Dizzy spells and fainting is common during pregnancy as the blood may pool in the lower body leaving the brain temporarily deprived of oxygen. Hormonal changes may also cause feelings of flushing and dizziness. Eat regularly to ensure your blood sugar a level isn’t too low and avoid standing for long periods of time. When you are standing practise a simple exercise of squeezing your leg and buttock muscles to encourage venous blood flow towards the heart and head.

AVOID spas, steam rooms, saunas and hot baths. These can raise your temperature to a level that is harmful to the foetus. As it is, your baby remains a few degrees warmer than you do. Likewise, avoid sudden changes of temperature.

If you have vaginal discharge, avoid using tampons as they carry an increase risk of ascending infection. Sanitary pads are best.

Listen to your body. If you are really worried call your doctor, no matter how trivial your concern may seem.

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