Tips for selecting a Bassinette

Bassinettes are the most popular and convenient sleeping place for newborns. Here’s some tips for choosing the right one.

They are compact, portable and most have wheels to help rock your baby to sleep. Bassinettes come in all shapes and sizes from a Moses basket with handles to a large bassinette with stands.


Mattresses can only be used for around six months, depending on the size of your baby

  • A well-fitting mattress is essential
  • Mattresses are usually made out of Ti-tree or foam
  • Ti-tree mattresses are made of Ti-tree bark flakes covered in open-weave cotton which allows the free passage of air with the mattress. When choosing ti-tree a firm mattress is recommended.
  • A new mattress is advised for each baby

To determine the mattress size needed for your bassinette you need to measure the base length, the width at the widest point and the depth of your bassinette. Also take note of the bassinettes edges – are they square or rounded?

If you are unsure, take a template of the base into your nearest baby shop. Some stores also make-to-order.

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