Therapeutic Foods

Foods have therapeutic and medicinal properties that have been celebrated and used for thousands of years. Become aware of how every mouthful can enhance your wellbeing.

Foods have therapeutic and medicinal properties that have been celebrated and used for thousands of years. Become aware of how every mouthful can enhance your wellbeing.


Well known for their high mineral content, almonds are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium and are therefore valuable during pregnancy. Almonds are reputed to strengthen the nervous system, improve the memory, build strength, increase sexual appetite, and soothe the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. Sweet almond oil is a wonderful massage base oil.


Apples are cooling, cleansing and harmonising for the digestive system and blood. They are useful for indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation and skin conditions. They are best eaten raw for diarrhoea and cooked for constipation. Apples are reputed to strengthen the heart and soothe the kidneys and urinary system.


Rich in potassium and magnesium, apricots are recommended for anaemia strengthening a weak system. They are also a good muscle tonic.


Cooling and cleansing for the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and blood. Good for a congested liver, tension, irritability, indigestion, lower backache, dark urine, pain when urinating, anaemia, constipation.


The avocado pear is rich in vitamins C, B and E as well as potassium and iron. They are soothing for the nervous system and nourishing in times of rapid growth and convalescence.


Asparagus is cooling and cleanses the kidneys, acting is a diuretic, eliminating excess fluids and increasing urination. Can be helpful for skin problems and rheumatism.


Nourishing and high in starch and carbohydrates, bananas are a useful food on the run. They contain potassium and when very ripe, provide lactobacillus acidophilus for the bowel.


Barley has a cooling and anti-inflammatory on the digestive system and is useful in cases of acidity, haemorrhoids, ulcers and balancing intestinal health. Well known for its therapeutic effect on the urinary tract, barley is highly recommended to relieve cystitis.


Beetroot cleanses the blood, cools the digestive system and helps balance acidity. It is useful for gastritis and haemorrhoids, clears liver and gall bladder congestion, and relieves bursting headaches, constipation and anger. Also thought to be anti-carcinogenic.


This rich, green vegetable is highly recommended for its anti-oxidant properties that strengthen the immune system and prevent abnormal cell division. It also has a high folic acid content essential in the three months leading up to conception and throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.


Can help indigestion, flatulence, digestive ulcers, constipation, prostate inflammation and stomach ulcers. Best taken as a juice. Place a chilled cabbage leaf in your bra next to your skin. As it warms, it has an action on hormones responsible for lactation. Can also be applied as a poultice externally to inflamed wounds and joints.


Carrots help raise energy and are anti-inflammatory. Carrots support the immune system, soothe sore throats, strengthen eyesight and are good for colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.


Celery is cooling and helps soothe nerves. It cleanses and strengthens the kidneys, eliminates water retention and is helpful in rheumatism. Celery helps alleviate stress and is highly recommended for hypertension.


Known for cleansing properties and promoting a rosy red complexion, cherries soothe the nervous system and relieve stress. In ancient times they were believed to rejuvenate the body.


Cool, moist and cleansing, chicory cleanses a congested liver, relieves constipation and is good for inflamed skin conditions, diabetes and hypoglycaemia.


Both the leaf and seeds act on the digestive system and help relieve bloating, soreness, hiccups, belching and cramps.


Cooling, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, courgette soothes the digestive system. Also called zucchini, they are valuable for easing indigestion, ulcers, gastritis and colitis.


Cucumber cools the stomach and helps digestion. It is great for cleansing the blood and is a brilliant diuretic and kidney cleanser. Cucumber can also be used externally to calm inflamed skin conditions.


Dandelion is cooling, reduces inflammation, soothes ulcers, diverticulitis, and colitis and cleanses the lymphatic system. It also flushes the kidneys, eliminating water retention and supports the immune system. Dandelion is useful in increasing milk flow in lactating mothers.


Fennel is a laxative easing constipation, helps eliminate fats and clears mucus. An anti-inflammatory it aids digestion and weight loss. It is also considered valuable in increasing milk flow in breastfeeding mothers.


Figs are cooling, nourishing and are known for their laxative properties. Soothing and easy to digest, figs are particularly useful during pregnancy as they are rich in vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, potassium, folic acid and calcium.


Antiseptic, expectorant. Known as the "great panacea", garlic is a well-known antiseptic and expectorant, strengthening the respiratory tract. It is also anti-viral and treats colds. Garlic increases circulation and helps unclog blocked arteries, warms cold limbs, and helps reduce high blood pressure. It is also useful in treating candida.

Green Tea

A powerful anti-oxidant and soothing for the digestive system, green tea is a highly beneficial drink and common in eastern countries.


Ginger is warming, improves circulation, builds the immune system, speeds digestion, raises energy, clears phlegm, is effective for rheumatism, colds, flu and promotes sweating. It is also recommended in cases of nausea, morning sickness and vomiting.


Grapefruit purifies and cools the system and has a cleansing effect on the liver and urinary tract. It is a diuretic, helps break down fats and is useful for constipation and weight loss. Contrary to thought, it creates an alkaline, not acidic, action in the body.


Leeks have an action on the respiratory system by loosening and clearing phlegm. They also cleanse the digestive system, kidneys, bladder and blood, and are therefore beneficial in clearing skin conditions and eliminating fluid retention.


Lemons are cooling, cleansing and antiseptic and noted for high vitamin C content. Lemons are valuable in cases of flu, bronchial infection, fevers, bacterial infections and cystitis. They are cleansing for the liver and blood, lower cholesterol, and clear mucus. Limes share these same properties.

Lemon Verbena

Soothing for the nervous system, lemon verbena also helps indigestion, belching, bloating and acidity. Taken as a tea, it eases tension and insomnia.


Rich in protein and iron, lentils are one of the easiest pulses to digest and quickest to prepare.


Lettuce is cooling and anti-inflammatory and works both internally and externally. Can be used as a poultice for inflamed swellings and bruises. Ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome all respond to lettuce especially if lightly steamed. Lettuce soup is known to help nervous tension and insomnia.


Also known as calendula, marigold is highly beneficial for the female productive system. It is soothing, and cleansing, and has been used for centuries to clear cysts, warts and lymphatic swellings. The ointment is recommended for sore nipples which most women experience when first breastfeeding.


Rich in minerals and vitamins, millet is a healing, soothing grain with a sweet flavour. Millet soothes the digestive system, helps balance acidity and regulates intestinal action, being useful for both constipation and diarrhoea. It strengthens nails and hair, and is therefore useful for hair loss.


A cooling stimulant, mint increases vitality, is recommended for colds and flu and cleanses the liver. It is also useful for indigestion, flatulence, cramps, belching and hiccups. Mint can be used to ease colic.


Warming and tonifying, miso is thought to protect against radiation and even get rid of it once it is in the body. Miso is cleansing and has a high Vitamin B12 content and is therefore beneficial for vegetarians.

Mung Beans

Very soothing and cooling for an overheated or toxic system, mung beans are good for inflamed conditions. They are perfect for sprouting and adding to vegetable stir-fry dishes.


Nettles are warming, tonifying and astringent. They
cleanse and purify the blood, help anaemia, stop diarrhoea, contain iron, silica, potassium, vitamins A and C.


Warming and rich in vitamins and minerals, oats are well known to help in cases of nervous tension and stress. Recommended to balance blood sugar levels, they slow the rate of sugar metabolism, relieving strain on the pancreas. Oats are thought to help increase fertility and encourage the flow of breast milk.


With a high vitamin and mineral content, parsley cleanses and enriches the blood and is helpful to clear skin conditions. It has diuretic properties and can help digestion by increasing bile flow. High in iron, it helps in cases of anaemia and is beneficial during pregnancy.


Peaches are a laxative and aid digestion. They are cooling, soothing for the nervous system, clear the skin, help in weight loss and eliminate excess fluids.


Pears can help regulate the intestines and create an alkaline environment. Useful for inflamed digestive conditions, they are also beneficial for rheumatic conditions and an irritated respiratory system.


A good source of energy, peas strengthen the stomach and help cool overheated digestion. Peas are a laxative, useful for constipation and balancing blood sugar levels.


Pineapple is one the best anti-inflammatory foods, useful for fevers, inflamed skin conditions and promoting weight loss. It also helps break down knots in the muscles.


A laxative, plums cleanse and regenerate the liver and cools the stomach and intestines. They are also useful for bloating, flatulence and abdominal swelling, and are thought to strengthen the nervous system.


Cooling on the stomach, pumpkin is anti-inflammatory and good for indigestion, flatulence, and bloating. It is also valuable for irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract including asthmatic conditions.


The fruits can relieve mouth ulcers and sore throats. They strengthen the kidneys and help clear diarrhoea and genital discharge. Raspberry leaf tea has been used for centuries to help in childbirth by preparing the womb for labour.

Sesame Seeds

High in calcium, sesame seeds strengthen bones, nail and hair, slowing the greying process. They are reputed to strengthen sight and are cleansing for both the liver and kidneys. They are also useful to soothe the nervous system and are excellent for cystitis and other urinary tract infections.


Cleansing for the blood and valuable in the removal of toxic metals from the body, seaweeds promote an alkaline environment. Some studies claim that like miso, seaweed can help remove the effects of radiation. Useful for skin inflammation, seaweeds cleanse the lymphatic system, increase urination and remove fats and mucus. They are rich in iodine and help in cases of an under-active thyroid.

Shitake Mushroom

Common in the east, shitake mushrooms strengthen the immune system and are thought to be anti-carcinogenic.


Spinach has a strengthening and revitalising effect on the whole body. High in iron and mineral content, spinach cleanses the blood and is helpful in clearing skin problems. It relieves constipation and has diuretic properties.


Strawberries are useful to strengthen a weak respiratory system, cleanse the blood, promote circulation, soothe sore throats and improve general vitality. They can also help in cases of rheumatism.

Sunflower Seeds

Rich in vitamin B, they are useful for a weak nervous system. They are also indicated to help both men and women suffering weak libido. Because of its high polyunsaturated fat content, the oil is recommended for lowering cholersterol.


Soya bean curd is very cooling and has high calcium content. A valuable alternative to dairy produce for those who have cow’s milk allergies, unlike dairy sources, it also contains iron.


Walnuts contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. They are cooling for a toxic digestive system, help eliminate fluid retention, are astringent and therefore good for diarrhoea and can help soothe a sore throat.


Quenching and cooling, watermelon juice is one of the most purified forms of water and is a wonderful kidney flush. It can help skin irritation, sunburn, chapped lips, mouth ulcers and fevers and is probably the most potent diuretic to clear fluid retention. It is also helpful for weight loss.

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