The Essences

Choose an Australian Bush Flower Essence to enhance your wellbeing.

The following essences have been selected as being especially relevant to conception, pregnancy, labour, childbirth and adjusting to early parenting.

She Oak

She Oak is recognised for its use in fertility problems. It enhances hormone balance and helps conception. It is also useful to rebalance hormones during postpartum.

Peach Flowered Tea-tree

This essence helps balance the pancreas and addresses mood swings and pre-menstrual tension.

Billy Goat Plum

Recommended for acceptance of your changing body shape especially if there is sexual repression or concern.


The Aborigines in the Kimberley region of north west Australia give boab to the child as soon as it is born to prevent negative emotional patterns of previous generations from being passed on. It is highly-valued for its ability to break adverse family conditioning.


Bottlebrush is thought to enhance the bond between the mother and the new baby and for adapting to changes in body and lifestyle.

Dog Rose

Recommended for allaying niggly fears and instilling a sense of security about being pregnant. Also believed to calm a fear of labour, which is thought to be a common cause of morning sickness.

Flannel Flower

To increase sensitivity and gentle touch in the new parent, especially the father.

Fringed Violet

Fringed Violet is recommended to apply to your baby’s fontanelle soon after birth to protect against birth trauma and provide psychic protection. It is also useful to protect expecting parents against the negative influence of other people’s traumatic birth stories.

Grey Spider Flower

Encourages calmness, courage and faith, useful for feelings of fear or terror about the coming birth process, often from past life experience

Illawarra Flame Tree

Brings confidence and self-approval when feeling overwhelmed by the impending responsibilities of parenthood.

Kapok Bush

Recommended for use during labour for persistence, strength and determination when you probably feel like giving up.


For stamina, endurance, physical exhaustion during labour and postpartum.

Red Helmet Orchid

Red Helmet Orchid is recommended to help the male partner bond with the baby both during the pregnancy and following birth. It is also useful for children to work through issues they may have with their father, even if he has died.

Slender Rice Flower

Helps heal any tearing, or stitches from an episiotomy or caesarean section


To bring spirit of the newborn properly into its body


Recommended for use if a child is stillborn. Brings courage, tenacity, faith, adaptability and the will to survive in moments of deep despair.

Wild Potato Bush

Wild Potato Bush is recommended for use near end of pregnancy for any frustration the woman may be feeling due to physical restriction and limitation such as feeling big and cumbersome, not being able to sleep comfortably. It is also thought to greatly help the unborn child with the physical restrictions within womb before birth.

Confid Essence Drops

To inspire confidence in ability to cope.

Emergency Essence Drops

Recommended to reduce panic, distress and fear. Emergency Essence Drops is a popular combination for use during labour, after difficult labour or where there has been significant loss of blood. Also available in a cream or mist, Emergency Essence contains the essences Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew, Warratah and Crowea.

Woman Essence Drops

Female balance, calm and stable and for coping with change. Also available in cream.

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