Sleep during pregnancy: tips for the final trimester

Getting enough sleep is something most people worry about after the baby is born. But getting enough sleep during pregnancy, making sure you are rested and ready for the endurance event that is giving birth, can also be a bit of a challenge. In the third trimester you may be feeling pretty uncomfortable so here are some tips on getting a good night’s rest.

1. Keep cool

As we head into the cooler months keep in mind that your body is running at a hotter temperature than normal. Try not to overheat with your winter doona by keeping your bedding lighter than you normally would at this time of year.

2. Get comfortable sleeping on your side

Obviously sleeping on your stomach is impossible. Sleeping on your back is risky as it can dangerously constrict a major blood vessel as well as put too much pressure on your intestines and back.

That only leaves sleeping on your side. Try placing a pillow between your legs or underneath your stomach and spreading out your legs to help feel more comfortable.

3. Keep evening drinks to a minimum

Getting up in the night for a wee is pretty much impossible to avoid, but if you limit your drinks for a few hours before bedtime you may have to get up fewer times during the night.

However, it is important that you stay properly hydrated during pregnancy, so make sure to drink extra during the rest of the day to make up for what you don’t drink in the evening.

4. Keep the lights down

When you do get up for the inevitable wee, try not to turn any lights on. Staying in semidarkness will help your body stay in sleep mode so use a little torch to find your way to the bathroom.

5. Relax

Going to bed with your mind racing thinking about everything that is to come may make it difficult to fall asleep. Try to relax and turn your mind off with a warm bath, a bit of yoga, or a good book (that is not about pregnancy!).

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