Sex Life During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s interest in sex can fluctuate considerably. Read about how for many women pregnancy is a time of sexual discovery.

Unless your pregnancy is considered high-risk it is completely safe to continue making love throughout your pregnancy. You need have no fears of dislodging or infecting the foetus or instigating premature labour as your baby is securely protected in the womb. The amniotic fluid acts as cushioning from impact and the mucus plug provides a seal to the womb. Although the female orgasm involves contraction of the uterus it will not trigger labour unless it was due to start anyway. If you notice spotting of blood at any time, or the mucus plug has already come away, which could occur anytime in the last four to five weeks, then sex is not advised because of the risk of infection.

Fluctuating Appetite for sex

  • Control is the key to a successful pregnancy if you have asthma – always continue taking your prescribed asthma medication.
  • There is no evidence that taking your prescribed asthma medication will cause any defects or increase the risk of any complications during pregnancy.
  • Inhaled medication certainly does not affect the baby because it stays in your lungs rather than getting into your bloodstream.
  • Uncontrolled asthma can lead to attacks, which reduces oxygen supplied to your baby. This can affect growth, development and survival.

Sexual Discovery

A pregnant woman’s interest in sex may fluctuate considerably, even from day to day. Tiredness and hormonal changes are largely responsible for this. Many women find it difficult to feel sexy with an ever-expanding waist and protruding abdomen. Other women claim sex during pregnancy to be the most erotic and fulfilling of all.

Symptoms of Asthma

For some it is a time of sexual discovery and letting go inhibitions. With contraception no longer an issue, many women say they are able to reach heightened levels of sexual excitement. Some women even admit that until they became pregnant they had been ignorant of pelvic floor muscle control during lovemaking. Others have claimed to have their first orgasm while pregnant. The middle trimester is often the time for wonderful sex as energy levels have replenished and there is still the ability to move around easily.

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