Reflexology for Babies

Massaging your baby’s feet is a fun and healthy way to enhance your baby’s wellbeing.

Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage. It is recognised as a treatment that brings about wellbeing in the whole body. Our feet are magnificently designed to carry our entire weight everywhere. Look after them and they should last a lifetime. Babies feet are very sensitive. Be sure to avoid using heavy pressure on any one point on the foot.


Start with your baby’s right foot. Sandwich the little foot between both hands and rub quickly. This will warm chilly feet.


Resting the ball of the foot in the fingers of both your hands, use your free thumbs to smooth down inbetween the toe webbing in an alternating rhythm. Start at the big toe, four strokes each, working towards the little toe.


Supporting the heel with the inside hand, use the other to gently and slowly wiggle each toe, between your thumb and two fingers, beginning with the big toe and moving towards the smallest.


With your fingers of both hands resting on top of the foot, use your thumbs underneath to draw upwards on the sole of the feet ending at the toes. Repeat this movement four times


Repeat all these movements on your baby’s left foot. Finish with a kiss on each foot.


Smooth down in between the toe webbing

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