Pregnancy signs

Most people think that pregnancy signs are unmistakable and many women ‘just know’ when they are pregnant. But other times, pregnancy can come as quite a shock and those who have ‘symptoms’ were not even aware. There are a few common symptoms you could have to show you are pregnant.

The most obvious sign is if you miss your menstrual period. Although this is a common sign something is not as normal, it is not the only sign to say that you may be pregnant. Women can skip their cycle for a number of reasons and it may not be that you are pregnant.

Nausea is another common symptom women get whilst pregnant. Morning sickness is common among half of pregnant women and can occur at any time of the day. The sickness is usually brought on suddenly and can last for the first few weeks.

Another early sign of pregnancy is tender nipples and breasts. This tender felling usually disappears once your hormone levels have become accustomed to your body and the baby begins to grow.

If you have frequent urination and a high body temperature, it could also mean you are pregnant. Women often experience more urination as the changes in hormone levels produce the need to go. Body temperature may be high due to an increase at ovulation and may stay high for the first few weeks of pregnancy.


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