Pregnancy Planner 30-40 Weeks

30-34 Weeks

Make sure you are organised in case you go into premature labour and need to go to hospital. Pack a bag containing essential items for you, your partner and the baby.

Buy some pure essential oil of jasmine. It has a rich aroma and has been valued for centuries in preparing the uterine muscles for labour and childbirth. Use one drop in a bath, or blend with a sweet almond or grapeseed base oil for abdominal massage.

It’s likely that your baby is active when you are trying to sleep. Abdominal massage just before bedtime can help encourage your baby to sleep too.

Avoid lifting and standing for long periods of time.

Book some reflexology sessions. It will stimulate your natural hormone production and prepare you for labour as well as grounding all thoughts, apprehensions and energy at the end a day.

34-40 Weeks

If you plan to bring your newborn home with you in a car, you are legally required to have an approved restraint for your baby. A capsule is the most common option and comes with a bolt to anchor it in your car. Make sure your car has the necessary anchor point. Recent car models have this facility.

Consider your energy levels and if you haven’t already, cut down on work.

The cut-off point for flying internationally is usually 36 weeks. This depends on the airline and whether or not your pregnancy is considered high risk. Medical professionals advise that air travel is safest during the second trimester. Domestic flights will accept you up until full term provided that you have not had any complications and that you are not carrying a multiple pregnancy. For more information view our Tips for Travelling

If you plan to use a birthing centre or have a hospital birth, work out the route and do a practice run.

Buy some Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence for the labour. A combination of six essences, the Emergency Essence is recommended in times of stress, fear or panic. It is also useful after a difficult labour.

Decide who you wish to have present at the labour.

Braxton Hicks contractions will be stronger and more frequent. Use these to practice your breathing and relaxation techniques needed for labour.

Treat yourself to a few movies or finish that book you started. This may be your last chance for a while.

Aromatherapy massage with essential oils jasmine and neroli will help back pain and prepare you for labour. You also deserve it!

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