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Pregnancy Planner 0-12 Weeks

0-4 Weeks

You probably will not know you are pregnant. If you are planning a pregnancy, a test may show positive in the third or fourth week at the earliest, depending on when you conceived. A test can detect a pregnancy usually 12 days after conception.

4-8 Weeks
It is advisable to see your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant for routine tests and advice.

You are not legally obliged to tell your employer yet though if there are health and safety issues to consider in your work, there may be advantages in doing so.

Re-educate yourself with our extensive list of safe pregnancy tips compiled by our experts. Our comprehensive research includes advice on diet, exercise, natural therapies, drugs and medicines, the effects of social drugs, chemicals, vitamins and minerals, posture and illnesses.

8-12 Weeks

Speak to your doctor or health professional to organise your antenatal care.

Find out about antenatal testing, what it involves, and the benefits and possible risks. It is your decision. Make an informed one. For more information click here: antenatal testing.

Most doctors and medical professionals support an ultrasound scan at 12 weeks to confirm and date a pregnancy and again at 18-22 weeks to check the baby’s development.

How long since you’ve seen your dentist? Pregnancy hormones soften your gums and make them vulnerable to bleeding and infection. Research shows that premature birth may be linked with gum disease

Choose a pregnancy-safe exercise programme and organise sessions. It has been proven that women who are fit have safer and more positive birth outcomes. Belly dancing? Yoga? Walking? Swimming? See what appeals to you most by browsing our Health & Fitness section.

Choose natural therapies to help maintain your wellbeing through the next seven months.

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