Positive Things For Dads-To-Be

Some positive and productive tips for expectant dads. While you may have already worked out a list of things to do with your partner during the pregnancy, here’s a list of positive actions ninemonths.com.au has identified.

  • attend some antenatal appointments and classes with your partner
  • ask all those questions you have stored in your head
  • voice your concerns openly and honestly
  • be appreciative of her changing body
  • don’t take mood swings personally
  • be as attentive and loving as you can
  • improve your own health and fitness
  • share her newly adopted dietary preferences and eliminate from your own diet any foods, which may be harmfu
  • quit smoking
  • decrease your alcohol intake
  • spend sometime together talking and reading about pregnancy
  • discuss your sexual responses and needs
  • take an active part in decision-making
  • watch a birthing video together
  • organise a pampering treat for both of you

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