Our Guided Meditaion

Use our guided meditation to help you tune in to your ability to focus.

This is a simple and effective meditation to practise at home. You may wish to record this meditation or have someone else record it for you so you can play it back during your meditation. Allow 20 minutes. Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable.

Take a deep breath in and observe how you feel, identifying areas of tension.
Focusing on your breathing, concentrate on a gentle inhalation followed by a long, slow exhalation.

Gradually deepen your breathing, feeling your chest widen and the air reaching as low as your abdomen. Let your abdomen expand with every inhalation. As you exhale, feel your muscles soften as tension leaves your body. Repeating every inhalation twice, move your focus to your feet.

As you breathe in, stretch every toe as far away from your body as you can. With an exhalation release the tension. Breathing in, flex the foot, stretching the calf muscle by pushing your entire weight into the heel. Pull tight and hold then release with the out breath. Repeat. Inhale, tense your knees, and think about how much work they do in carrying and moving your body forward, then release with the out-breath. Repeat.

Focusing on the thigh muscles, take a deep breath in and pull these muscles tightly against the femur bone, the longest and strongest in the body. Exhale, and releasing the muscles, feel the tingling sensation. Repeat. Breathing in, visualise your hips, with the curve of your pelvic crest. These strong bones will open slightly to allow your baby’s journey through the birth canal.
Breathing out, visualise the flexibility and strength of your body. Repeat. Breathing in again, clench your buttocks, the collection of gluteal muscles are pivotal in balancing the top and bottom halves of the human body. These dynamic muscles work extra hard to carry your weight during pregnancy. As you breathe out feel the release of those deep-seated emotions you no longer need. Now focus on the pelvic floor muscles. Breathing in, pull tight as though stopping urination mid flow. Hold for five seconds then release. Repeat this exercise four times.

Take a moment to note how you feel. In your abdomen, imagine the little life you are creating. Welcome it into your body. Feel proud that you have chosen to nurture this soul. Know that it is safe and will only enter the world when you are both ready. Believe that the two of you will have a happy and positive labour.

Continue breathing rhythmically. Move your focus to your shoulders. Flatten your shoulder blades so they come together, closing the gap between them. Breathing in, feel your chest expand, and pull your shoulders downward towards your buttocks. Feel the stretch in your neck. Breathe out and release. Imagine the nerves and blood travelling to your fingertips, enlivening every tissue on their path. Lengthen your fingers, to receive this rush of energy, extending the tips away from you. Breathing in, feel every arm muscle. Release with a long slow exhalation. Bring your focus to your head. Relax the muscles of your forehead and concentrate on your breathing.

If thoughts are still arising, give them a moment and let them float away. Focus on the point between your eyebrows. The Third Eye. Feel as though every ounce of life is coming in through this point and travelling to the deepest point in your toes. As you breathe in, imagine the air re-oxygenating every cell in your body. With the out breath, every molecule of carbon dioxide is returning to the atmosphere. Continue breathing rhythmically. As you breathe, make every breath longer and deeper.

Continue the rhythm until there is no conscious effort and your body is peaceful, surrendering its will to the flow of breath.

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