Nasal Congestion during Pregnancy

Also called sinusitis, the mucus membranes inside the nostrils and sinus swell during pregnancy due to hormones. Although it may be more comfortable breathing, and you may snore while sleeping, sinusitis does not interfere with your breathing during labour. You may find yourself breathing through your mouth.

  • Prepare an aromatherapy inhalation as follows: Add two drops each of essential oils lavender and eucalyptus to a bowl of boiling water, sit with head bowed over the bowl, close your eyes and inhale, covering your head and bowl with a towel. Stay under for as long as possible, breathing deeply, to clear the sinuses and respiratory tract.
  • Avoid mucus-producing foods such as dairy, wheat products, fatty foods and processed foods.
  • Try this lymphatic drainage facial massage to help clear congestion. With your fingers, press into the indentations at the bridge of your nose and trace the points found along the line on either side of your nose to end at the base of your nostrils. These points may be tender as you feel the congestion easing. Then trace the natural line of lymphatic drainage from the base of your nose, pressing into the depression under your cheeks out to the ears. Then press into the points at the inward corner of your eyes moving upwards under the brow line to end at your temples. The point found in the natural depression beneath the start of the eyebrow is one of the most effective sinus pressure points to clear congestion.
  • Make ginger tea as follows:
          Grated fresh ginger
          Two cloves
          Cinnamon stick (optional)
          Place spices in 4 cups water and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
          Add fresh lemon juice and honey to taste and serve.
  • Garlic is an expectorant and helps clear phlegm and mucus congestion
  • Echinacea and vitamin C will help support your immune system.

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