Modern cloth nappies: the benefits worth considering

Cloth nappies have come a long way since the time our parents had to wrangle us into squares of toweling whilst wielding pins. That basic type of nappy is still available, however modern all-in-one cloth nappies offer a better alternative. They have an absorbent liner inside a breathable outer cover that does up with snaps. To help you consider if they could be right for you here are the benefits of modern cloth nappies.

1. Large cost savings

From birth to toilet training your baby will go through an awful lot of disposable nappies. Even though all-in-one cloth nappies are more expensive than the old flat type, you can still save around a $1000 a year.

2. Proven environmental savings

You probably have had friends quote a UK Environment Agency study that found cloth nappies have no environmental benefits over disposables. What they may not have mentioned is that the Agency issued an updated report in 2008 based on modern fabrics and best practice washing methods, including using line drying which is entirely feasible in Australia. The updated study found reusable nappies are better for the environment than disposable nappies by up to a staggering 40%. Find the report here.
3. Easy to use

Modern all-in-one cloth nappies require no complicated folding or potentially stabbing baby with a pin. They are a better fit, more absorbent and easily do up with snaps.

4. They are not much extra work, really

Washing modern cloth nappies result in about three extra loads of washing a week. The tasks involved – washing, hanging out, bringing in and putting the liners back in the covers – take about a total of 15 minutes. No soaking in harsh chemicals is required and only a tiny amount of washing powder is needed to wash them.

5. They look super cute

All-in-one cloth nappies come in ranges of fun colours and patterns. They are a much better look than ugly disposables.

6. Progressive nappy trials

The main draw-back of modern cloth nappies is the initial up-front cost. They are not cheap and you will need around three dozen. Some local councils are recognising this hurdle and are offering cloth nappy trials. The City of Yarra in Melbourne provides parents with the opportunity to trial 12 different styles of cloth nappies for $20. At the end of the two week trial you can purchase the nappies at a discounted rate.

So give modern cloth nappies some more thought in your preparations for baby, the benefits may pay off for you in the long run.

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