If one or both breasts become red, patchy or very sore, you may have a condition called mastitis. Bacteria that have entered the ducts via the nipple block the flow of milk.

  • It is important to continue breastfeeding to relieve pressure.
  • If you have a high temperature and feel nauseous or dizzy or have a hot firm lump in your breast this is an abscess and may have to go to hospital to have it drained. Speak to your health professional.
  • Placing a bruised or steamed cabbage or comfrey leaf inside your bra can be soothing.
  • Massage the reflexology points on top of your feet in between the webbing and on the balls of your feet encourages lymphatic drainage.
  • Take garlic, propolis, echinacea, golden seal, myrrh and vitamin C to support the immune system and help clear infection.
  • Self help acupressure points Pericardum 1, Stomach 16, Gall Bladder 21.

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