Le Boyer

Frederick Le Boyer believed birthing experiences should occur in an harmonious environment with no talking. Read about his philosophy which is based on traditional Indian practices.

The Le Boyer birthing method was named after its founder Frederick Le Boyer, a French obstetrician who delivered thousands of babies by conventional methods before travelling to India where he studied traditional birthing methods. He then returned to France to implement what is now known as the Le Boyer birthing method of non-violent birth as detailed in his book ‘Birth Without Violence’. The baby’s entry into the world occurs in a quiet room, away from bright lights. There is no unnecessary conversation and those attending the birth speak in hushed voices. Unlike conventional birthing methods, the umbilical cord is not cut immediately. The baby is immersed in a warm bath and is then lovingly and gently massaged until it stops crying.

Le Boyer noticed that babies born this way appeared more alert, smiling and content compared to those babies born conventionally. Le Boyer’s ideas have since influenced our understanding of the possible effects a traumatic birth may have on a person’s wellbeing.

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