Improving Your Chances

How you have sex can affect your chances of conceiving 

Have More Sex

It’s logical to have more sex. The more sex you have, the more chances you create.

Sexual Positions

Some sexual positions are more favoured for conception than others. Being on all fours with entry from the rear, known as “doggy style” and the conventional “missionary” position of the man on top, are considered best positions as they allow for deeper penetration and work with gravity, depositing the semen at the cervix entrance. This will help in cases of lazy sperm. Sitting positions, the woman on top, or side by side, are less favoured for these reasons.

Stress-Free Sex

A most important factor is to be relaxed. Stress can inhibit reproduction by affecting hormonal balance. Our hormonal system, or endocrine system, is a highly sensitive system. Women whose cycles are not regulated by the pill often experience variations in their cycles.

Many couples become despondent when they do not conceive as quickly as they expected, however, medical experts do not consider it a problem worth investigating until a couple has been trying for a minimum of 18 months. Even then, the chances of a couple conceiving naturally, without medical intervention, remains high and figures indicate that about 90 per cent of couples will succeed within two years.

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