Genital Herpes during Pregnancy

Once infected, genital herpes can never be eradicated. If there is an active infection of genital herpes in the vagina or vulva at the time of birth, a Caesarean section will be advised. An active infection of genital herpes can have severe repercussions for the baby such as brain damage, blindness and death, though very few babies become infected.

Natural remedies can be useful in treating the blisters and keeping the virus dormant. Symptoms include genital pain, tingling pain during urination, vaginal discharge, tenderness in the groin, fever, general aches, headache, depression, small red spots and blisters around the genitalia, swollen lymph nodes in the groin.

  • Eat well and include foods rich in lysine. These foods include fish, black beans, soya, lentils, watercress, eggs, sprouts, vegetables, papaya, apricots, pears, apples and figs.
  • AVOID foods high in arginine including nuts, seeds, wheat, bread, brown rice oats, chickpeas, egg plant, capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, sugar, chocolate, cocoa, carob, coffee, caffeine soft drinks and raisins.
  • It is important to support your immune system. Take a high dose of garlic.
  • Apply ice to the area.
  • Use witch hazel, calendula, golden seal, myrrh or fresh aloe vera taken directly from the plant leaf, on the area.
  • Use lysine cream on the area
  • Take an echinacea preparation.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and chocolate.
  • Take zinc, manganese, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6, E and C.
  • Take evening primrose and fish oils.
  • Take the amino acid lysine.

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