Four pregnancy items to buy now and sell later

When getting ready for baby it can be hard to see a good buy amongst the huge range of products on the market. Not everything is essential, but some things can be very handy and can pay off if you sell them after you have finished with them.
Judging by current prices for new products and the popularity and prices being paid on the following are four baby items that hold their value well. When you go to sell these, in good conditions, you can expect to get half to two thirds of your money back:

1. An electric breast pump: If you are breastfeeding an electric breast pump, especially a double one, will greatly speed up the process over a manual pump. These are more expensive but considering they hold their value well it is worth looking into to save you precious moments of time to hopefully give yourself a break.

2. Bumbo®: The Bumbo is a very popular specialised baby chair designed to support baby’s posture. It can be used over a long time, being much better value than items baby will grow out of or tire of quickly (e.g. a baby swing). You can use it from when baby had good head control, around three months, which is much earlier than when you can safely use most high chairs. It is light-weight and small, so it is convenient for when you wean onto solids as you can place it anywhere.

3. Grobag®: The Gro Company makes the original and still the best baby sleeping bags designed for safety, comfort and a good night sleep. They are carefully designed to reduce the chance of SIDS and to keep baby covered at night rather than kicking off her blankets. Even Grobags in not the best condition sell well second-hand.

4. Stokke Tripp Trapp®: There is a real shortage of these second-hand, probably because you will use it for years. The Tripp Trapp is a beautifully designed chair for baby that will grow with him into adulthood. It has a foot rest that moves as he needs it to and a back rest which supports him into the right position. The Tripp Trapp is quite expensive, but the long-ranging benefits you can experience with it plus the high resale value and rarity of second-hand chairs means your investment will pay off.

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