Your FAQ’s – Ninemonths has put together some answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.

Ninemonths has put together some answers to a few of our frequently asked questions

I have been drinking before I found out I was pregnant – will this affect my baby?

Chances are your baby will be fine. The highest risk of a serious birth defect occurring is when the baby’s organs are forming, between 18 and 55 days after conception.

What about using painkillers while pregnant?

Aspirin should not be taken as it has been linked to bleeding problems in newborns. Anti-inflammatory drugs should also be avoided in the last trimester as these may lead to a heart condition in the baby.

Is having sex safe for my unborn baby?

Yes. The baby will not be affected by having sex. However if you have previously miscarried, you may be advised to resist intercourse during the first three to four months.

Can my baby hear me inside my womb?

Talk to your baby while you are pregnant as he or she can hear you and can also distinguish your voice from others.

Will drinking tea or coffee have any affect on my unborn baby?

It is best to avoid caffeine during pregnancy as it can affect your baby’s birthweight. Try to steer clear of coffee, tea, chocolate and cola and instead opt for herbal teas or fresh juices. However many experts say it is safe to have a small amount of caffeine (one cup of coffee a day).

How can I get to sleep while pregnant without taking any medication?

A warm milky drink or chamomile tea before bed is a good idea. Try to relax early in the evening by taking a warm bath or reading a book. Avoid exercising in the evening or late in the day.

Will dying my hair while pregnant have any affect on my baby?

No. Bleaching or dying your hair will not affect your unborn baby. However, many women like to completely avoid any contact with chemicals during their pregnancy and for this reason avoid dying their hair.

What if I am too late getting to the hospital?

In your first labour, it is more likely you will get there early rather than late. It is usually not time to go to the hospital until the contractions are regular and about five minutes apart. First labours generally last at least 12 hours.

How many people will there be in the labour room?

It is up to you, so state this in your birthplan. If you are asked if a midwife or student doctor can be present, you are allowed to refuse.

How will I cope with the pain during labour?

Natural ways such as hot towels and a lower back massage can help to alleviate the pain of labour, especially in the first stages. Alternatively you can ask for an epidural.

What if I need to go to the toilet during labour?

You will be encouraged to use the bathroom throughout your labour – a full bladder slows down the baby’s progress through the birth canal. You may also want to ask for an enema to ensure your bowels are empty.

Will I need to have stitches after the birth?

About 70 per cent of mums need stitches after the birth but your vagina goes back to normal afterwards. Pelvic floor exercises can improve muscle tone and control and massaging the perineum with almond oil can enhance flexibility.

Will my baby be healthy?

Thirty-nine out of 40 women will give birth to a healthy baby. Many babies who do have problems only have very minor physical handicaps that can be corrected with the right treatment. Thanks to good antenatal care and thorough screening tests, parent’s are now more prepared for any problems.

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