Establishing Your Environment

Create an harmonious environment in which to massage your baby.

  • always wash your hands
  • remove long nails so as not to scratch your baby
  • remove jewellery
  • wear something short-sleeved and nothing that you would mind getting oil on (as this is more than likely!)
  • create a comfortable environment
  • the room should be warm and draught-free
  • Ensure you are sitting comfortably
  • Try sitting on the floor on the edge of a cushion with your feet in front of you, If you are more comfortable standing, you may wish to use the changing table
  • Place your baby on a soft, clean, cotton surface
  • Turn off your thoughts
  • Become aware of your breathing and create a rhythm, expanding both your chest and stomach as you inhale slowly
  • As you exhale, slowly breathe out more than you breathed in

The Secret of a Great Massage

Throughout the routine, keep talking to your baby. Communication helps your baby relax. Look into your baby’s eyes. Your hands and wrists should be relaxed with your fingers together. The secret of a good massage is to create as much contact as possible, using the whole of your hand’s surface area, especially your palms. Aim for rhythm, with slow movements. Massage is like an intuitive dance. Be firm with your pressure. Your baby is stronger than you think. You can stop at any time, return and continue where you left off.

You do not have to complete the entire routine every massage. If your baby cries and does not stop, do not continue the massage. You and your baby should regard massage as a happy event. The following routines are guidelines. You may wish to vary the order, adapt them to suit or leave out certain moves until you and your baby become more at ease with each other.

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