Essential Oils for Babies

Find out which oils are beneficial for your baby.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from flowers, roots, leaves, bark, seeds and fruit of plants, to aid the process of healing.

Oils Considered Safe for Babies


Soothing, antiseptic and antiviral, lavender is gentle and builds your baby’s immune system, clears the airways and helps promote sleep. It is also suitable for burns and insect bites.

Roman Chammomile

Useful for its calming and relaxing properties, chammomile is anti-inflammatory, calms the digestive system and is a powerful sedative, fabulous to coax a baby to sleep.


Gentle and calming, rose is richly scented and noted for its emotionally soothing quality. Rose helps balance dry skin and is wonderful for a clingy baby.


Soothing and gently astringent, mandarin is wonderful for treating anxiety, tension and insomnia. It is useful to help regulate your baby’s bowel motions.

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