A baby born on Friday the 13th proves to Mum that there’s no need to be superstitious.

Well when I was pregnant all the birthing stories I read only made me dread labour day, so I thought I would share my story just to let expecting mother know that its not all bad. When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited but petrified at the same time. My two sisters had both given birth 7 and 10 months earlier, after seeing the morning sickness, aches and pains and so on and then the labour, I was so scared of what was to come. So I prepared my self. For the whole term of my pregnancy I had no sign of morning sickness, no aches or pains nothing with the exception of the last week when I retained some fluid and had sore feet. So since I was having such a breezy pregnant I was terrified of labour day, I thought I was going to get everything at once, I thought I was going to pay for it big time

Anyway I was three days over due, it was Friday the 13th August 2004, (I admit I am somewhat superstitious) at 11am I had a faint pain, it just felt like a mild period pain, then another one at about midday. I went round to my mother’s at about 3pm to tell her that I had this period pain feeling and she said that that could go on for days, so I went home and she went to work. At about 4.30pm they started to get a bit more intense. My husband went to get dinner at 5.00pm and while he was got I ended up on all fours on the loungeroom floor. I rang my mother and asked her if she could come home from work because the pains were really starting to bother me. He my husband arrived home he was telling me to go to the hospital, I didn’t want to because I thought they would just send me back home. He convinced me to go, so I rang my mother and told her that we would meet her at the hospital.

When we got to the hospital at 6.00pm and to my surprise I was already 5cm dilated. I had been told that it’s roughly about 1 hour per cm, so I was preparing myself for at least another 5 hours. It was storming outside and I could hear it through the window so I concentrated on that and it kept me somewhat relaxed.

At about 8.00pm they said I could start pushing, I didn’t have a mirror or anything so I could see if the baby was crowning or anything so I just kept pushing away. On one of the pushes I got a really intense pain and stopped halfway through everyone was cheering me on so I thought baby must finally be crowning, I thought to myself well dig deep your on the home stretch now, little did I know they were cheering because baby was almost out and on that next push I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 9.00pm.

So there you have it I was at the hospital for 3 hours, and what else could we name a girl born on Friday 13th October in the middle of a storm but Ebony.

Hope this story eases some expecting mothers mind. Written by Samantha Olyve

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