It takes sperm three months to develop. Know how you can improve your sperm quality.

Preconception care is equally as important for men as it is for women. Men contribute half the genetic material to the developing baby and the health of both parents at conception contributes to the baby’s wellbeing. For many couples, the birth of a healthy baby is a time of great fulfilment and happiness. Poor health, exhaustion and a low immune system can affect your baby’s development both within the womb and throughout its entire life.

Medical and scientific research is constantly evaluating the factors that contribute to fertility and healthy foetal development and evidence indicates that genetic, microbiological, biochemical, dietary and environmental factors all play a major role. It is now known that smoking, both actively and passively, the prolonged use of the female contraceptive pill, exposure to some pesticides and nitrates, food additives, inadequate dietary status and poor food quality influence chances of conception and the health of the pregnancy, birth and baby.

It takes sperm three months to develop and health professionals advise couples planning a pregnancy to allow at least three to six months preparation before conceiving to enable red blood cells in your body to fully regenerate. During this time, particular attention should be given to maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet, reducing stress levels and conserving your energy.

Establish new habits and make the changes together.

These steps will improve you and your partner’s chances of conception and having a healthy, happy baby:

  • plan balanced meals
  • always eat breakfast to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  • drink lots of fresh water (2-3 litres daily)
  • cut down on ready prepared foods and junk food
  • eat fresh, preferably organic, vegetables
  • introduce fresh fruits instead of sweets
  • reduce coffee and tea to a maximum of one a day
  • substitute soft drinks with freshly-squeezed juices and herbal teas
  • cut down on alcohol and cigarettes
  • do three sessions of exercise a week, brisk walking is beneficial
  • allocate time for relaxation

Make the transition gradually so it becomes a way of life rather than just a fad. You will notice an increase in energy and clarity and improved sleeping patterns.

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