Breast Engorgement during Pregnancy

Breasts can become hard and sore during lactation as the amount of milk being produced is more than is being used. Expressing large amounts of milk is not the answer as your body will keep producing milk to meet the demand.

  • Place a cold cabbage or comfrey leaf inside your bra and replace as necessary.
  • Cold compresses soaked in water containing 2 drops chammomile will help reduce inflammation.
  • Wash breasts in warm water before feeding or extracting milk to help flow.
  • Massage downward on the breast during feeding.
  • Massage down through the centre of the chest area and up under the arms to promote lymphatic drainage. Use one drop each of essential oils geranium and lavender in a grapeseed or sweet almond oil base
  • Self help acupressure point Gall Bladder 21, Pericardum 1.
  • Avoid during first eight months of pregnancy.
  • Reflexology accesses the lymphatic drainage areas for the breast.
  • Homeopathic remedies Belladona (for rock hard, tender, swollen, hot breasts) or Bryonia (if breasts are hot and painful).

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