Blocked Ducts during Pregnancy

Blocked milk ducts can be painful, cause tender lumps in the breast and make you feel feverish. Don’t be tempted to discontinue breastfeeding as this may aggravate symptoms.

  • Check to see that your bra is not too tight.
  • Apply hot and cold compresses to the area between feeds to increase local circulation.
  • Prepare a massage oil using a grapeseed base oil and include the following essential oils: one drop of lavender, one drop of geranium and one drop of rose oil (As a precaution AVOID all essential oils in first trimester).
  • Gently massage the lump towards the nipple to clear the blockage.
  • When breastfeeding, offer the affected breast to your baby first as the strong sucking action can help clear the blockage.
  • Vitamin C, echinacea tincture and garlic will help circulation and prevent infection.
  • Naturopaths believe that antiperspirants are detrimental to your body’s eliminative system. Many commercial antiperspirants contain toxic metals that block the lymphatic glands and prevent the natural sweating process. As a result, these sweat ducts become blocked and cause congestion in the breasts.
  • Self help acupressure point Pericardum 1, Gall Bladder 21.

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