Benefits of Reflexology

 Become aware of the many benefits that refexology can offer.


Although not medically proven, many women have found reflexology has helped them to conceive. This may be partly due to the treatment reducing stress levels. However reflexologists believe it is possible to access the endocrine system through the foot reflexes and therefore help balance the hormonal system.


Reflexology is not advisable during the first trimester. If you have had ongoing reflexology treatment, tell your reflexologist that you are pregnant and arrange to resume your sessions in the second trimester. A trained reflexologist will be aware of the points to avoid and understand the need to reduce the pressure during pregnancy. Reflexology can treat back and neck pain, stiff joints, constipation, early morning sickness, restless legs, migraine and headaches, insomnia, fatigue and help induce an overdue labour. Many people comment on needing a bowel movement immediately following a treatment.


According to studies in England, regular reflexology treatments from mid pregnancy seem to lead to shorter, easier labours. It is believed reflexology stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin that helps contraction of the uterus. Some midwives in Australia are familiar with the reproductive reflex points located around the ankles.

Post Natal

Can be useful for balancing the hormones in post natal depression, loss of libido, exhaustion, insomnia and stress.


The reproductive reflex points should be avoided during the first eight months of pregnancy.
The Reflexology Association of Australia stipulate that reflexologists do not diagnose, treat specific conditions, or prescribe supplements or medication
Tell your practitioner if you are on medication

Self Help

Reflexologists believe the shoes you wear can determine your health. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters and hardened skin affecting the reflex points and influencing wellbeing. It is thought small shoes aggravating the big toe can induce headaches and confusion.

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