An exercise routine to get your pre-baby body back fast

After you have delivered your bundle of joy, getting your pre-baby body back will probably be an exciting prospect after so long not being able to see your toes, let alone touch them.

Our article here has some good tips on what to think about when exercising your post-baby body. In particular we mentioned resistance training as an excellent way to build-up muscle mass.

Following is a small work out that uses core body weight as the resistance to strengthen your whole body and burn plenty of calories. It is recommended by physiotherapists that you do not lift anything heavier than your baby so using your own body as a weight is a safe option.

As finding time to look after yourself is now more of a challenge, this workout is very convenient. It can be done in around 10 minutes at home with no equipment needed.

1. Do 20 squats

  • Hold onto something sturdy at waist height, like the kitchen bench, with both hands.
  • Have your feet at shoulder width apart.
  • Using the support to do a slow squat focusing on only using the thigh muscles and not using any momentum to make the movement.
  • Push from the heels when you are moving back up to a standing position.

2. Do 10 – 15 lunges on each leg

  • Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart.
  • Bring your right foot forward and place the ball of the foot down.
  • Press down firmly on the heel of the foot making sure your toe doesn’t go further forward than your knee.
  • Lower your body down as far as you feel comfortable with your shoulders back and head up.
  • Bring the leg back in.
  • Repeat on with your left leg.

3. Do 10 – 15 push ups

If you can’t do a single floor push up, try modifying the following steps to start with your knees bent.

  • Lie face down on the floor.
  • Flex your feet so your toes are on the floor pointing toward your upper body.
  • Place your hands on the floor close to you with your palms at chest level and your fingertips at shoulder level.
  • Look forward, not down at the floor.
  • Slowly push up using the strength in your arms keeping your body straight.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Lower yourself to the ground.

4. Rest 1-2 minutes, and then repeat steps 1 to 3 two more times


Don’t forget about your pelvic floor. It is recommended you keep these exercises up for the rest of your life. Read our article here on recommended pelvic floor exercises.


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