Advantages of Being a Dad

Ten fabulous reasons for being a dad.

Fathers say that hearing their child call them ‘dad’ for the first time is a most awe-inspiring experience. A child gives love unconditionally and teaches you the art of unconditional giving. Here are some more fabulous reasons for being a dad: 

  1. you are able to become a kid again
  2. allows you to appreciate what your own parents have done for you
  3. enhances your sense of purpose and responsibility
  4. constantly challenges and reassesses your values in life
  5. adds grounding and perspective to your life
  6. provides an opportunity to explore activities that you missed as a child
  7. creates a renewed and positive focus
  8. offers a chance to invest emotionally and psychologically in shaping your child’s future
  9. teaches you the value of positive interaction
  10. provides proof that your sperm work!

British superstar "Naked" chef Jamie Oliver, still barefoot in the kitchen, sums up his experience of entering the realm of parenthood as such: "Becoming a father is the best thing I have ever done. Even before the birth, when Jules was pregnant, I began to think differently – it was less about me and more about the future of my family. I suppose it gives you a different set of priorities. It’s been amazing, really amazing."

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