Abdominal Exercises during pregnancy

Exercise is highly recommended for pregnant women as it helps prepare the body for the demands of a changing body and labour. The most popular exercise routines for women include swimming and brisk walking as well as special yoga classes, tai chi and pilates.

One of the lesser-known exercises that can work wonders for pregnant women is abdominal exercise. Although it may sound drastic, abdominal exercise during pregnancy yields good results. The abdominal muscles play a major role during childbirth and thus abdominal exercise during pregnancy reduce the ‘diastasis recti’ effect whereby the abdominal muscles get separated during pregnancy. Abdominal exercise during pregnancy will also reduce the likelihood of back pain by strengthening back muscles.

Before beginning abdominal exercise during pregnancy, it is worth discussing it with a doctor. Most doctors tell pregnant women to never engage in ‘lying face up’ exercises during the first trimester of the pregnancy period. The ideal routine is one that comes recommended by a doctor, as they will have a number of appropriate abdominal exercise routines to share.

Abdominal exercise during pregnancy has a number of benefits, including improved resistance to fatigue, improved posture, less ability to gain body fat, better sleeping habits, stronger back muscles, physical preparation for labour as well as faster recovery after labour.

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